Posted by: | June 29, 2010

Own the Runway

There are many different types of models, but many of the top and most popular models today made their mark on the runway. Most supermodels like Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Petra Nemcova and many - runway modelhers have in one way or another graced the runways of Milan, New York, Madrid, Paris and other major cities during fashion shows. The runway, so to speak, is where their careers actually took off, modeling creations by some of the world’s most famous fashion designers.

But runway modeling is not a walk in the park. There are a number of things that a person must keep in mind whenever he or she takes to the runway, because small things as to how your posture is or how you move your arms can spell the difference between success and failure in the highly competitive world of runway modeling.

Your shoulders, for instance, should not move while you’re walking. As much as possible, keep them still. Then there’s your arms. While all a male model has to do is just swing his arms naturally, a woman would do well to focus on keeping her upper arms close to her body so that her arms will swing more from the elbows down. male modelWhen walking, a female runway model must take longer strides, and walk with one foot in front of the other because this gives your hips a natural swinging motion. Men, meanwhile, just have to walk normally, only with longer strides.

Now being on the runway means that there are countless pairs of eyes set on you. This is nerve-wracking for many, but most models deal with it by focusing their eyes straight ahead of them, giving them that staring-off-into-the-distance look. Just remember not to stare into the glare of all the lights that will surely be on you, or you might just be blinded enough to step right off the runway’s ledge.

Models must be oozing with confidence, but a hunching model looks anything but a supremely confident person, so it is important that a model should always stand straight up, on and off the runway.

These tips may prove to be useful, but nothing could be more useful than seeing the pros in action and trying to pick up something about the way they move on the runway. Taping a fashion show is a mighty good idea, because it gives you a chance to watch your favorite supermodels do their thing on the runway over and over again. Who knows, you just might pick up a thing or two that could make you the next Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen.


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