Posted by: | June 24, 2010

Golf Balls, Not Cameras

PLYMOUTH — To borrow and tweak a phrase from Mark Twain, reports of the demise of Waverly Oaks Golf Club have been greatly exaggerated.

Instead of being bulldozed and replaced by construction on the East Coast’s largest film and television studio complex, as many assumed near the end of 2009, Waverly Oaks reopened last Thursday, taking full advantage of spring-like weather and getting a jump, like many other area courses, on the new season.

For the foreseeable future at Waverly Oaks, “cut!’’ won’t have anything to do with the movie-making business; it will only be heard when a righthanded golfer begs his ball to slide right, or a lefthander implores his to turn left. Until the complicated business deal with the studio can be finalized, there’s golf to be played at Waverly Oaks, a fun, friendly course that has won its share of awards and more than its share of admirers.

“I played there Sunday. I’m loving the fact they’re still open,’’ said Don Follett of Marshfield, who played his first round at Waverly Oaks the day the course opened in 1998. “I’ll play there until they kick me out. I’d hate to see it end, because I’ve been there for so long. I know everybody: the wait staff, the bartenders, the people in the golf shop, the rangers. I’d miss it.’’

Plymouth Rock Studios entered into an agreement with Mark Ridder in July 2008 to purchase the 242-acre site and transform it into Hollywood East. Just as rumors of sale price and closing dates started… (more from


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