Posted by: | June 16, 2010

Love Love


LOVE Magazine’s new site is up and it’s a refreshing breather from so many of the stuffy fashion/magazine websites.

LOVE’s Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand worked with freelance art director Jonny Lu to create the unconventional melange of images and ideas. LOVE explains how the homepage came about:

“Lu made the animation of the sleeping bear from a life size Marc Jacobs Steiff teddy bear that Grand sent to his studio. The cute animal icons respond when a dancing bear cursor moves across them; Lu will be adding more, with a floating boombox playing The Man I Love by Ella Fitzgerald, that is very 50s and romantic, in contrast to the technology of the site.”

Obviously, all this adorableness wouldn’t work if there wasn’t the visionary Ms. Grand behind it driving the site.  Currently, there’s an exclusive film for Commes des Garçons new fragrance on the site, clips from a James Lima/Grand film for Louis Vuitton,  reports from VS Angel Alessandra Ambrosio and much more fashion fabulousness to come.

Next for LOVE? An iPad ready format. Better make sure it’s encased in its LV/Gucci iPad cover.



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